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  • Founded Date 27/11/2021
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  • Industry Engineering

Company Description

We, Merit Berg Sdn. Bhd. are an industrial engineering-based company providing engineering services and solutions to the manufacturing sectors namely the chemical, food & beverages, oleo, semiconductor, electronic, automotive and aerospace industries.

Our history spans over 10 years and along the way we acquired invaluable experiences, knowledge and know-how from the various industries that we served. During these years of service, we have accustomed ourselves to the needs and requirements of the various industries, which allows us to be more familiarised with the engineering and technical issues that the industries are facing, hence we are able to have a better understanding, make swift critical thinking, as well as providing a solution to our clients. However, just as much as there are for us to contribute to our clients, we must humbly admit that there is equal amount to learn from our clients as well.

A brief insight into our services include designing, fabricating and assembling custom-made equipment for special and/or specific purposes; mainly for material handling, designing and building conveying systems & automation and also designing and installing piping & instrumentations for process piping as well as utilities piping. Additionally, we handle bulk equipment installations for process lines, for example, the manufacturing process equipment that needs to be positioned and installed, or utilities equipment such as boilers, compressors, chillers and cooling towers, pressure vessels, tanks and pumps. Nevertheless, the job scope may also include dismantling and removing and then relocating the equipment to another site.

As safety is very stringent and a top priority in nowadays working environment, we are proud to say that we have adapted and maintained our engineering practices according to the industrial safety SOPs and it has been a norm for us to abide by these safety rules and to produce a methodology and a HIRARC before commencing of work. As how we say it, “Safety First! Whenever, Wherever, However and Whoever!”

Last but not least, we at MB would like to express our utmost appreciation for your time and interest in us and for visiting our website. Wishing you well, healthy and safe always. Thank you.


We are mechanical and electrical based engineering company that engages in various jobs particularly in the industrial and commercial sectors.
Our Nature of business includes the following:-

  • Mechanical and Electrical Project Management and Consultancy
  • System Integration & Automation Design, Fabrication & Installation
  • Design, Fabrication and Installation of Piping & Instrumentation Systems
  • Design, Fabrication and Installation of Conveyor Systems
  • Design, Fabrication and Installation of Material Handling Systems
  • Machine and Equipment Hoisting and Installations
  • Mechanical Fabrication Works

We are a team from various engineering backgrounds, particularly electrical & mechanical, which also consist of various sub-fields like hydraulics (fluid), pneumatics (air), machining and design.


We, at Merit Berg Sdn. Bhd. believe that by putting the right people at the right place and optimizing each one’s specialty, things will get coordinated nicely and a plan will be workable; thus getting things done in a shorter time frame without sacrificing quality and customer satisfaction.

Our daily practices include open discussions from top level to front liners on the projects undertaken, delegation of tasks with the right people doing their respective specialty in their own unique field.